Setting up iOS Devices with your e-mail account
Step 1

Tap Settings on the Main Screen.

Step 2

Navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Step 3

Tap Add Account.

Step 4

Navigate to Other.

Step 5

Tap Add Mail Account.

Step 6

Enter settings for your Fibersphere Mailbox.

On the remaining instructions please replace ‘mailbox’ with your mailbox name.

Step 7

Tap IMAP and enter settings for your Fibersphere Email Account.

Step 8

On the Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen, Tap your recently setup Email account.

Step 9


Step 10


Step 11

For the Server configuration perform the following settings and change the Server Port to 465. Tap Done to save the settings.

Step 12

For Authentication settings Tap Password. Tap < Back to save the settings.