Setting up Eudora Mail to work with your account
Step 1

Launch Eudora. If the setup wizard appears on launch, click Cancel. Go to Tools > Options.

Step 2

Click the Getting Started section of the Options dialog, and perform the following according to the graphic at the right. Remember to put in Your Name as you would like it to appear in e-mails sent from you. Make sure to put as your incoming e-mail server and as your outgoing mail server.

Step 3

Eudora is now setup to send and receive mail using your e-mail account. If you would like to personalize Eudora further, proceed with steps 4 - 8.

Step 4

In the mail checking section of the Options dialog check the following:

- Mail Server:

- User Name: Your entire e-mail address

- Check for mail every: No less than 5 minutes

- Save Password: Checked

- Secure Socket when Receiving: If available, STARTTLS

Step 5

In the Incoming Mail section of the Options dialog, perform the following:

- Set the Server configuration: radio button to IMAP.

- Leave all check boxes unchecked.

- Set the Authentication Style: radio button to Password.

Step 6

In the Sending Mail section, perform the following:

Email address: type your entire e-mail

Leave the Domain to add to unqualified addresses blank.

- In the SMTP server: field, type

- Check Allow authentication

- Un-check the Use submission port (587) check Ebox.